Monday, 23 December 2013

Lady in Machang : December's Happy Day


ramai pulak yg sambut

birthday bulan 12 ni.

they are :

( my sister)




and last one is my boss.

wishing all d best to all of u!

happy birthday!

p/s : muda2 lagi kawan2 aye nih,

me is so jeles! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fees at Urbane Ethos Consultancy


terkini di urbane ethos.

senarai payment starting 

in the middle of October.

Assessment 1 hour : RM 150

add RM25 for another half an hour

one to one session 

(Occupational Therapy or 

Speech therapy) for 1 hour: RM100

Integrated session 
(Occupational + speech therapy) :
RM 120

Group session ( 2 days per week):
One month is RM450

1 hour Occupational Therapy +

30  minutes Speech therapy 

or vice versa : RM150

Intensive Programme
20 Sessions per month : RM1800

*lepas assessment baru tau anak 


sesuai untuk sesi ape.

P/S : hope minyak tak naik,letrik 

tak naik and sume benda tak naik

so that payment tak naik!