Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lady In Machang : Forever 22


da terasa tua da..

padahal baru 22.

maybe sebab kawan2

punya bday lambat lagi!

papepon, aim umur 22 nak 

beli 1 lappy.ho3

thank you for all

the wishes!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lady in Machang : Senior oh senior


kak ina in d house! she stayed 

with me for three days.

lot of funny things happened

during her presence.

1. her 1st day here,2 lifts out 

of service,letting only 1 lift 

available. we waited for about 

15 minutes to get in the lift.

2.her second day here,no bus available

at 7.30 - 8.15 am and we were 

so worried as both of us had 

patients at 9.00. after prolong 

standing at the bus stand, we almost

give up.luckily,u80 arrived! fuhh...

*this is never happened to me b4!

3.her third day,she needed to 

replaced miss ada's schedule.

ms Ada had 8 patients on that day!

she was exhausted and had no 

lunch hour due to misbehavior 

case that she had to handle!

pity her,but she keep going strong

and i think these are good

experiences to her!

p/s : ms Ina and Ms Ada dapat offer

JPA utk amik master kat oversea!

me is so happy for them!